The dark matter of Raf

13.80 12.00


The dark matter of Raf

13.80 12.00

At this very moment, Raf is shutting his eyes. He has faith in himself, he’s unafraid. He acknowledges that the moon will plunge into dark waters. His heart is pounding, while his blood is running warm. He is more than just blood, wet hair, eyes that cried and lips that turned blue. He is all the expectations of this world, every single dream that his parents had for him. He is the future that escapes the present.

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Weight 0.2 g

60 (έγχρωμες)


14×28 εκ.


Μαλακό εξώφυλλο από ειδικό χαρτί με μορφοκοπή και ασημοτυπία




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